PSQ started trading May 31, 2019 on the PLUSQO Exchange.


PSQ hit its highest price since listing, after only 5 months.


PSQ Token achieved a 706% peak return in only 5 months.


We have issued a limited amount of PSQ to establish a common sense marketcap.


The vast majority of PSQ remains in escrow to ensure price support.


Limiting the amount of PSQ on the market allows us to keep an ideal supply-demand balance.

How we drive the value of PSQ

The lines of business supporting the buyback of PSQ.

Trading fees

IEO listing fees

Business lending services

OTC trading fees

Revenue from in-house trading

Automated trading fees

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PLUS Automated Trading System

Transparent, blockchain verifiable results of our powerful PLUS-Automated Trading System.

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PLUS Automated Trading System Result

PLUSQO members can access our in-house trading strategies at no extra charge. Historical trading results of PLUSQO’s in-house trading:

Month Buy & Hold PLUS System Compared to B&H
March 2019 +7.009% +12.512% +5.503%
April 2019 +29.270% +40.310% +11.040%
May 2019 +60.860% +58.997% -1.863%
June 2019 +28.169% +38.419% +10.250%
July 2019 -10.904% +3.566% +14.470%
August 2019 -3.570% +8.917% +12.487%
September 2019 -13.514% +1.201% +14.715%
October 2019 +11.331% +8.954% -2.377%
Total +109% +173% +64%

Token Issuing

PLUSQO sits at the crossroads between the rich transitions of Asia and a new world of innovative technologies.

Whether you’re looking for a socially responsible initiative to back, or you have an entrepreneurial idea you want to share with the world, PLUSQO specializes in matching world-wide investors with the best new ideas under development in Asia.

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plusqo crypto exchange

Modern and Robust Trading Platform

    • Security : PLUSQO’s preferred partner is Bitgo – the world’s most secure solution for the custody of digital currency.
    • Liquidity : Tens of world-class exchanges in our network, ensuring deep liquidity for larger trade volumes and faster trade executions.
    • Mobile App : A cool, customizable solution for trading on the go.
    • PC Platform : Robust, reliable, and convenient.

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