Explanation of procedure of KYC

Explanation of procedure of KYC

Please submit identification documents to confirm that the account holder are you . If identity verification can not be done, some transactions will be in a restricted state.

The explanation of the person confirmation procedure is as follows.

Request for identity verification

After you create your account, you will need to log in to your account to confirm your identity. You can apply from the dashboard of the management screen.

Click on one of the red lines as above image to proceed to the identity verification application screen.

Fill in the required items

Identity verification is processed based on your application content
Please make sure there are no mistakes in the application.

After completing all the fields, please press the submit button.
If your enter invalid data in above application form, errors will be displayed and you have to correct, then press “Submit” button. You will then see a confirmation page to verify again your information as below image:

Send identity verification information

If you are okay, click “Send” button. You will then receive an ID Verification Request email from PLUSQO

Upload identity verification documents

please click on that link to go to the we send in the email above, you will go to the “ID Verification Request ” page.

About identity verification document

Please upload the image below.
1: The image of the your PassPort .
2: A selfie with the Passport and the person taken together.

About selfie

We ask you to provide us with your PassPort and a “selfie.”

Please take the picture of the PassPort in a nice seeing environment.
Make sure all four corners of the document are visible and there are no reflections and clean the lens.

We accept the following documents : Passport

Then click “Send” button.

・ It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for identity verification.
・ If there is any defects in the identification documents, we will contact you at the your registered e-mail address.

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