Virtual currency encourages creativity I started my career at Yamaichi Securities, one of the four largest securities houses in Japan at the time. The firm was famous for its institutional sales, supporting direct listings and public offerings of new companies. In 1995, Japan was just entering the Internet age. Seizing the opportunity, I started my...
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Explanation of procedure of KYC Please submit identification documents to confirm that the account holder are you . If identity verification can not be done, some transactions will be in a restricted state.The explanation of the person confirmation procedure is as follows. Request for identity verification After you create your account, you will need to...
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No challenge, no successFor nearly two decades, television shows like Money Tigers (2001), Dragon’s Den (2005), and Shark Tank (2009) have entertained and fascinated audiences around the world. The drama of an entrepreneur introducing their products and inventions with as much passion and persuasion as they can marshal, followed by an indifferent, calculated business rejection...
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Introduction The token reinforcement model as established and reviewed by literature has been analyzed by varied researchers in regards to general principles of behavior. Romani, Alcorn, Miller & Clark (2017) elucidates that the token economy first found root in human history as a transition from an agricultural society to a nomadic hunter-gatherer society and later...
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The cryptocurrency industry is continually gaining pace at an unprecedented rate as more companies are joining the cryptocurrency phenomenon. Perhaps even more intriguing than the number of newbie companies joining the cryptocurrency business are the technological and client demands that traders consider before preferring to transact with a cryptocurrency company. Though far less cited than...
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PLUSQO holds operating licenses with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit: License Numbers FRK000664 and FVR000764. Plusqo is committed to providing a transparent and ethical exchange between interested parties.

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