What’s a PSQ Token?

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PLUSQO Exchange Token (PSQ)

PLUSQO Token (PSQ) is a cryptocurrency issued by PLUSQO.

PSQ runs natively on the Ethereum blockchain and follows the ERC20 token standard. The PSQ token was established with a total supply of 500 million. The market circulation volume in the first year will be reduced to a maximum of 100 million, and repurchases will also be conducted regularly according to the PLUSQO exchange’s earnings.

Token Issuance Summary

Pre-listing holder breakdown

  • Total number of tokens to be issued: 500 million
  • Name: PLUSQO Token
  • Symbol: PSQ
  • Platform: ERC20

There is no ICO such as public sale and pre-sale before listing. In addition, the number of releases to the market in the first year (up to the end of March 2020) is limited to 100 million PSQ.

Etherscan for PSQ

Token Holder Benefits

Tokens can be used at all future PLUSQO partner facilities and e-commerce sites
  • Currently under development, PSQ holders can pay with PSQ at our Partners’ e-shops as well as for services offered by organizations planning to list tokens on the PLUSQO exchange in the future. Some of the projects currently under development include; the Japanese Traditional Craft Token Economy, the nutraceuticals Food Project for Alzheimer’s prevention, and the Medical Fitness Project – a collaboration of Asian fitness champions and top Japanese medical professionals to help people from all over the world to change, inside and out, and the PLUSQO project. As a complementary service, we plan to offer professional help to anyone wanting to issue their own ERC20 tokens on the PLUSQO platform.
Discounts on transaction fees
  • Up to 50% discount on cryptocurrency trading fees on the PLUSQO exchange.
Voting rights concerning future Exchange changes
  • PSQ token holders will hold voting rights for important decisions made concerning the Exchange, for example, deciding what future tokens will be listed on the Exchange.
Priority invitation to IEO when PLUSQO partner token is issued
  • When a project passed to PTEM, which is our own examination method, issues a new token, we will preferentially invite you to pre-sales such as IEO and STO.
The profits of the PLUSQO virtual currency exchange will be distributed to PSQ token holders in the following manner;
  • Distributions will be made quarterly. Financial results are scheduled for June, September, December and March. Profits are distributed to token holders within 20 days after each closing. (Please note: distributions will start beginning in September, 2019.)
  • Up to 50% of exchange profits will be distributed to token holders. (See dividend payment calculation below). Exchange profit consists of virtual currency trading fees, remittance fees, third party listing fees, as well as any other operating income.
  • We calculate profit dividends in the following manner;
    Dividend payout per PSQ token =$$\dfrac {1Q pre.tax profit\times 0.5}{500,000,000}\times \dfrac {number of days held in the quarter}{90 days}$$
  • The payment of dividends shall be paid to active PSQ holders. The definition of an active PSQ holder is;
    1. PSQ is stored in the exchange’s wallet
    2. PSQ holder has a balance in excess 10,000 PSQ tokens
    3. At least 10 transactions of other currency pairs on the PLUSQO exchange during the dividend calculation period
    4. Trading volume on the PLUSQO exchange during the dividend calculation period totalling more than €10,000
  • Dividends from cryptocurrency and fiat currency profits will be deposited into the user’s hot wallet by the Exchange in the same ratio that they are received by the PLUSQO exchange.