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Our Supported Tokens

Our supported tokens are according to the PLUSQO Token Examination Method. See more details.

Japanese Traditional Crafts Token

The General Designers Association, based in Osaka Japan, has teamed up with Kyoto International Traditional Crafts Center to issue a token to create a token economy among people who want to support crafts and craftspeople. – coming in September, 2019

Doggy Island Economy Token

Help us stop the slaughter of dogs! Due to current Japanese law, over 16,000 dogs are needlessly destroyed annually. A forward-thinking Okinawa-based NPO is planning to establish a doggy token economy to put a halt to this horrific practice. – coming in March, 2020

Medical Fitness Token

Top Japanese medical scientists and Asian fitness champions want to help people from all over the world to change, inside and out. Leveraging blockchain technology, they plan to launch a medical-fitness token economy to make this dream a reality. – coming in January, 2020

Discovering Nutraceuticals Token

Professors from the Osaka University Medical Department are on a mission to find new nutraceuticals to add to the expanding list of nutraceuticals already discovered in this compelling field of study. Osaka University Medical Department and PLUSQO are partnering to develop a blockchain to pursue exciting future discoveries. – coming in May, 2020

List Your Token on PLUSQO

We are looking forward to listing applications on PLUSQO from projects with innovative technology, a thriving community and a solid business plan focused on creating profit. At PLUSQO, we have developed our own listing examination criteria, involving an in-depth analysis of projects prior to listing.

Project Success Criteria
  • New, innovative technology currently under development
  • A community following
  • Information transmission about the project is transparent and fair
  • The project is progressing
  • There is a profit structure plan to develop a business
  • Possession of a patent
  • A desire to raise only necessary funds
Our Philosophy

PLUSQO is working hard to improve the quality of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). Too many ICOs are only interested in collecting as much money as possible while offering unrealistic white-papers. This can cause a terrible supply and demand imbalance, all too often resulting in a rapid market price decline shortly after listing.

We work hand-in-hand with our token issuers to help them attract the right amount of money for their project on our exchange without the hassle of an independent ICO. This close relationship means we can guarantee listing of their tokens on our exchange platform once they have passed an in-depth feasibility examination.

See our “PLUSQO Token Examination Method (PTEM)

If you lack expertise or resources, we can help …
  1. Establish a company in the appropriate jurisdiction.
  2. Obtain necessary licenses.
  3. Launch a token based on Ethereum.
  4. Develop a blockchain for your project.
  5. And more.