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PLUSQO Token Examination Method (PTEM)

We require all token issuers to complete a process we call the “PLUSQO Token Examination Method” (PTEM) before tokens can be issued and listed on the PLUSQO exchange. PTEM are conducted by authorities in the relevant industry, accounting experts, and some of the world’s top managers. The audit members of PTEM use the following criteria when evaluating a token project:

Evaluation Item

Reliable White Paper?

Is the project white-paper reliable, honest and claims not exaggerated?

Fascinating Project?

Is the project original, innovative and disruptive in the industry?

Ethical Project?

Is the project ethical? Does the project champion fair trade?

Feasible White Paper?

Are the project goals realistic in the current marketplace?

appropriate stake-holders in place?

Right experience, the right education, and the right people?

Effective Use of Funding?

Where will funds be allocated and how will transparency be maintained?

Under effective control?

Is the idea of the project under effective control of token issuer?

Ongoing Project?

We prefer working with projects that have already hit early milestones.

Healthy financial condition?

Is the issuer in a health financial position and free of debt?

Have a community?

It’s desirable projects have good community support.

Examination Process

Step 1

Submit PLUSQO’s token application

Step 2

Whitepaper review

Step 3

Financial audit

Step 4

Review by industry authorities

Step 5

Final review by audit members